2019 Season Predictions

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31 Aug

Following on from the earlier article about the Saints schedule in 2019 James now tries to predict all of the divisions on the NFL this year with a bold prediction for each division.....

AFC East

As always this is the Patriots division and that wont change this year. The Pats will win the division comfortably and once again have a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Patriots - 12-4

Jets - 8-8

Bills - 8-8

Dolphins - 0-16

BOLD PREDICTION - As you can see from the records above, The Dolphins won't win a game this season and will be in prime position for a new QB in the 2020 draft.

AFC North

This is probably the most interesting division in football this year with three teams who believe they have a legitimate shot at winning the division, the one team who probably won't win the division is the Bengals.

Steelers - 10-6

Ravens - 10-6

Browns - 9-7

Bengals - 3-13

BOLD PREDICTION - Browns miss the playoffs. All the hype on the Browns this year will ultimately end in disappointment for them as this year they miss out on the playoffs.

AFC South

This division was thrown wide open with the shock retirement of Andrew Luck, The Colts would have been favoured by many to win this division but that changes now. Any of the other three teams could win this division now.

Texans - 11-5

Titans - 10-6

Jaguars - 9-7

Colts - 5-11

BOLD PREDICTION - The Jaguars start well under Nick Foles but drop away towards the end of the season and again miss the playoffs.

AFC West

The Chargers or the Chiefs? Was Mahomes a fluke last season, can he maintain that level of play now teams have a full season of tape on him?  What about the Broncos with Joe Flacco under center and an elite defence?

Chargers - 13-3

Chiefs - 11-5

Broncos - 9-7

Raiders - 7-9

BOLD PREDICTION - Antonio Brown doesn't see out the season with the Raiders and either gets cut or retires.


NFC East

Two teams have a realistic chance at winning this division and that is the Eagles and the Cowboys. Until Zeke returns I have to think that this division will belong to the Eagles in 2019.

Eagles - 12-4

Cowboys - 10-6

Redskins - 7-9

Giants - 4-12

BOLD PREDICTION - Daniel Jones is the starting QB for the Giants before week 6.

NFC North

Another competitive division with 3 teams who believe they have a chance to win the division. The Packers under new head coach Matt LeFleur will be hoping for a change in direction after growing stagnant under Mike McCarthy.

Vikings - 11-5

Bears - 10-6

Packers - 10-6

Lions - 6-10

BOLD PREDICTION - Matt Patricia loses his job during the season and ends up back with the Patriots.

NFC South

This won't be a shock to anyone but the Saints win three in a row and have home field advantage for the second year in a row.

Saints - 13-3

Panthers - 10-6

Falcons - 9-7

Buccaneers - 7-9

BOLD PREDICTION - Saints win the superbowl.......!!  Oh and Dan Quinn loses his job after another disappointing season with the Falcons.

NFC West

With the exception of the Cardinals this is going to be a competitive division in 2019. I believe the Rams are going to take a step back and the Seahawks and the 49ers are going to improve.

Seahawks - 11-5

Rams - 10-6

49ers - 8-8

Cardinals - 2-14

BOLD PREDICTION - After getting to the superbowl in 2018 the Rams miss the playoffs due to a blatant pass interference call not given in the last game of the season....

Agree? Disagree? let me know in the comments!



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