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22 May

I'm sure you are all aware of today's announcement from NFL UK around this years NFL games at Wembley and the negative reaction towards it. Anyone who listens to the UK Saints Podcast will know my (James) feelings on the decision to move games to Spurs with 25k less seats. For those who might not have heard me talk about it I will say now that it is the SINGLE BIGGEST mistake the NFL have made since bringing games over to London. The game is at the height of popularity right now and to remove 50k seats from the fans by moving two games to a smaller stadium is stupid beyond belief.

I personally don't have a season ticket for the London games, I tend to make the trip to one game a year, however, i know plenty of people that do have them and they have been completely screwed over by the NFL and NFL UK. They were PROMISED first refusal on season tickets for the games at Spurs but following today's announcement that has proven to not be the case. How can NFL UK claim to want a strong fan base for a potential franchise (don't get me started on that....) if this is how they treat the loyal fans who have paid thousands of pounds for travel and tickets then it does not bode well for the future.

I appreciate the argument I have seen about how lucky we are to get any games let alone four but loyalty needs to be rewarded and that has not happened. 

I ask the NFL and NFL UK to seriously rethink the plans for Spurs tickets as this could be a real issue if it is left as it is.



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