Meet the Fan - Darren Mac

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04 Oct

This week on 'Meet the Fan' is Darren Mac to find out how he became a Saints fan and a little bit more in general about his thoughts on the Saints. 

Why did you start supporting the Saints and how long have you been a fan?

Started following NFL properly in 2005 and always liked an underdog. There’s nothing more underdog than New Orleans after Katrina. Also a bit like my football team (Hibs) at home it didn’t feel like glory hunting as at the time the saints had never really won anything. 

Also I liked playing as the saints on Madden as it’s always good to start with a lower rated team on franchise and build it up.  

How many Saints games have you been too (In England or the USA)

7 games in total, 2 in London and 5 in the dome. Only defeat was to the bucs in week 1 this year, although stayed for week 2 and the win over the Browns. The kickoff game against the Vikings was special in 2010. 

Favourite historical Saints player and why?

This question should really be who is your second favourite saints player. Surely everyone loves Drew the most. He’s the Goat. 

After Drew I would say it would be Steve Gleason, his attitude as a player was great but what he has accomplished in the most difficult circumstances inspires me. The movie he made is painfully honest and recommend anyone’s give that a watch.  

Favourite current Saints player and why?

I’m going for a top 3:

1.Kamara- he’s just special. The way my wife described him after watching him play was that he is like a liquid. He flows past tackles. 

2. Michael Thomas- he’s like the second coming of Colston. He may even be better. 

3. Cam Jordan- best player by far on D. He’s got it all physically and one of the smartest players in the league. Always looking to improve himself the team and the community. 

Best moment supporting the Saints?

The Favre pick by Porter and the lead up and kick to get us to the Super Bowl was amazing, the super bowl itself was amazing too. Moments no saints fan will ever forget. 

For me though it’s last year v the Redskins at home, I had taken the wife to the Dome for her first time and it looked like we were about to lose when down 16 with around 2 mins left to play. Then the turnaround was crazy in the last few minutes. Every play we needed happened. The place was rocking and to be in Row 3 at the lower level behind the end zone was unforgettable. 

What are your expectations for the season?  Have they changed after four weeks?

This team is too talented not to be in the playoffs. If the D sorts out the 2nd corner position then I think we are as good as anybody. Brees, Ingram, Kamara, Thomas, Hill, Watson, Ginn, how can anyone stop that?  

If not the Saints which team is going to win the Superbowl this year?

The rams. The only team at the moment that I would be worried about playing. Excellent on both sides of the ball. Made a good Viking defence look useless.

Huge thanks for Darren for taking part, he has been to two games in the dome this year, us here as SaintsUKHub HQ are extremely jealous!

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