Meet the Fan - David Howells

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23 Sep

Anyone who follows this man on twitter will know he can be comedy gold - today we sit down to find out a little bit more about how he started following the Saints, favourite player and moment and as its #falconshateweek a special question about that.

How long have you followed the Saints and what made you support them?

I have followed the Saints since Madden 05. Picked them as my team due to the uniforms and the fleur de lis being the symbol for Wales Rugby.

Have you been to any Saints games? If so have you ever been to the Dome to watch a game?

Went to the Chargers game at Wembley and have seen them in the dome against the Ravens. Going this year (hopefully) looking like the Rams game.

Favourite historical Saints player and why?

I've been following the team for 13 years so whilst I appreciate the dome patrol, Archie etc. The era I've been watching my favourite Saint is Jon Vilma. Hands down.

Favourite current Saints player and why?

Michael Thomas. Scared to buy his jersey as I'm cursed. We'll definitely trade him if I get his jersey.

Best moment supporting the Saints?

Garrett Hartley hitting the fleur de f'in lis. It was stupid o'clock in the morning and I silently screamed with joy so I wouldn't wake my then girlfriend and neighbours as I lived in an apartment.

What were your expectations for the Saints before the season started and what are they now after two weeks of games (looking forward to this answer!)

Still Superbowl. Got a young team got to bed people in. Need to be playing our best in December and January. Not September. Drew holding the Lombardi in the birds house is just too perfect.

If its not the Saints, which team wins the Superbowl this season?

Jacksonville. I didn't stutter. I said what I said

Special question for this week only - Its #falconshateweek. How much do you hate the Falcons

The hatred I have for Atlanta. Hmmmmm. If you could guarantee the Falcons NEVER. EVER. Win a Superbowl. But you have a run of ineptitude like the Browns for 10 years. I'd take it. Probably take 20 years. High chance I'd take 30 years of it. 

Some interesting answers today, love the bold Jags to win the superbowl answer and I think we all need to ensure he doesn't buy a Michael Thomas jersey!!

Huge thanks to Dave for taking part in this weeks 'Meet the Fan'. If your not already please give him a follow on twitter (@Thaidai3). you wont be disappointed.

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