2020 Draft Review - From Joe Burrow to Burrowing Down

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28 Apr

Before I get started on the football, I would like to send out my well wishes to all the Who Dat Nation, in the UK and beyond in these uncertain times. I hope you and all your families are safe and well in this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. We all miss sport terribly am sure but once this is all over I feel we will have a new found gratitude not just for live sport and the thrills and spills that come with it but a new appreciation of what to me is more important and that’s being part of the Who Dat Family. Special thank you to all the crew over on The Who Dat Chat groups for keeping the laughs coming, Matt for his entertaining green screens on Zoom, James and Ben for providing us with a fantastic interview with the NFL’s best punter Thomas Morstead over on the Dome Patrol United Podcast and Alex for making us all look sober or very mild drinkers.

Remember to look each other and stay safe. And I am sure I speak for all of us when I say this if anyone is ever struggling, they should know the Who Dat family has their back don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support. We are not all Taysom Hill ……some of us are only human.

So …with the world on lockdown due the continuing spread of the Coronavirus and the idea of live sport still a distant dream the NFL Draft provided a welcome distraction from the wife’s list of jobs to do, the dog will be getting glossed soon if he stays still long enough to be honest. It was nice to get my teeth in to something non-DIY related anyway.

Due to the current lockdown restrictions this year’s draft was a virtual draft, it was due to take place in Las Vegas but took place from Roger Goodells strange looking girl cave. Booooooo!!!!! Sorry had to do it. The rest of the players coaches GM’s and TV presenters from across the 32 NFL teams and networks came live from their various home conferencing set ups. It was defiantly a different experience but overall I enjoyed the viewing. The Saints had a first round pick this year and were waiting at number 24 ready to strike. Payton had suggested pre draft that the offensive line was something they were looking to strengthen but still it felt like a curve ball was threw at us fans, the talk on the street was we would be looking at a WR, LB or QB at pick 24, but like last year’s first pick we took a centre, although it is expected that Cesar Ruiz ( C, Michigan) will play guard also. It was a surprising pick and not what we call a sexy pick but I trust the process and can see the logic behind it. Drew needs protecting more than ever next season and with Warford entering the final year of his contract it is good to have a versatile player to cover and eventually take over on the offensive line. Last year’s pick McCoy was improving every game he played so it will be good for him to have some competition also. The Saints first round pick Ruiz faced adversity in his younger years when his father passed away, so it was lovely to see his emotion when he was picked by the Saints. It is easy to get immersed in the hype and the party atmosphere on NFL Draft day but the one thing I enjoy are the personal stories of the college students. Yes they are talented but sometimes we don’t see the true motivation that lies beyond the outer layer. You can truly see what it means to them and their families. I really enjoy the Road to the Draft programmes because it gives you a true picture of their individual journeys. Football is not everything but for that one moment it becomes everything and its powerful viewing. With Michigan Centre Ruiz the first name on the draft sheet it was onto the next round. 

Wisconsin Linebacker Zack Baun became our second pick, Baun was expected to go in the first round according to some scouts and NFL experts. The Saints traded up for the pick, showing their usual aggressive nature when they needed too trading up 18 times in past 14 years. The Saints go get em nature came calling again when they gave away all 4 of their day 3 picks for Dayton Tight end Adam Trautman (Rd3 Pick 105). Sticking in line with the Mickey Loomis draft quote “If you like the guy, go get em!”. They clearly liked Trautman. He is a guy who is good on the block and can play the role with 916 yards for 14 touchdowns at senior level. It will be interesting to see how he goes.

So still no quarter back drafted then……round 7 won’t bring one surely??...

Wait step up Mississippi’s Tommy Stevens…who??.. or as some have said the new Taysom Hill…. Easy now!!. The versatile 6-foot 5 235 pounder became the Saints last pick of the Draft. I have a feeling he may just become a little more than a QB that his title suggests. The tape he sent the Saints before the draft involved him running routes as a TE. I guess its watch this space. All in all the Saints got their guys and I am very much looking forward to the UDFA additions and to see how Emmanuel Saunders gets on with the Saints, most of all am looking forward to seeing football back soon. I feel we are set up for another roller-coaster ride next season, hopefully without the crying and vomiting part at end.

So just before I love and leave you all (Am assuming someone’s reading it lol) a quick tale from the winter of 2020. It was a cold night in Chester when Chris Coy aka me and James “It just won’t happen” Baker sat down over a few cold beers to discuss all things Saints. The topic came up of QB’s to replace Drew once he retires, James gave his picks and thoughts then it was over to me. Winston, I said. Oh if looks could kill…James was ready to kill…or laugh himself to death. I said bear with me and let me explain…no.. no..no..no..no..no came the reply. Well Mr Baker my boy is on his way I will iron my Winston shirt soon.

One happy boy signing off. Remember stay safe folks and look out for one another. Let’s stay indoors beat this virus so we can have football ready for September cause boy am going to need it. Netflix is getting hammered.

Love you all!! Stay in Stay Safe and remember the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in a super bowl.


Chris Coy

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