Covid Hits the Saints - Lions (maybe!) Preview

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04 Oct

At the time of writing this we currently don't know if the game against the Lions today will be going ahead following the positive test given by FB Michael Burton, however, just in case I will preview the game as if it were going ahead.

The Saints have been hit with an injury bug this week with MT, Lattimore, J Jenkins, Peat, Jared Cook and Davenport all being ruled out on Saturday. This is a must win game and the odds are not stacked in our favour. Last Sunday night was really frustrating and was a game we should have been able to close out, there were signs of life from the offence but the defence let the team down in a big way.

To win today the Saints must commit to running the ball until the Lions show they can stop it. For the second week in a row Kamara and Murray were making huge gains on 1st and 2nd down but for some reason Payton went away from the run in the 3rd quarter and that's when the offence stalled. Drew Brees looked more like his normal self last week which is good but once again he is without his main weapon in MT. It is no coincidence that the Saints have gone 0-2 since MT got injured in week one.

The defence had problems last week and adding to that this week we are down both starting CB's and will be starting PJ Williams and Patrick Robinson at outside corner, they will be backed up by Justin Hardee and (gulp) Ken Crawley who was signed to the practice squad this week and activated yesterday. The Saints defensive line must generate more pressure this week and Cam Jordan is still without a sack after 3 games which makes the continued absence of Davenport even more frustrating.

If this game goes ahead then it is going to be a tough one with all our injuries and going into the season I would not have expected us to potentially be 1-3, this week truly is 'next man up'.

Assuming the game goes ahead I am going to go for the Saints to win this week but it won't be pretty - Saints 24-17 Lions



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