Now The Season Gets Interesting

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16 Sep

So, here we are, Saints fans worst nightmare has come true and Drew Brees is injured.....

The prevailing feeling for me last night was one of frustration and anger after yet another botched call by the continually incompetent NFL referees, lets be honest now, how much longer do we have to believe that this is just down to human error before its accepted that the NFL is DESPERATE for one of the LA teams to be successful?  How else do you explain the no call last season and the fumble recovery for a TD being blown dead with absolutely no reason to do so?  Watching the highlights again today you can see Cam Jordan being held on almost every single play but barely any flags get thrown but how many times were the Saints penalised for holding? Especially after positive plays?  I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but the fact these decisions are all being made in favor of the team who's stadium the NFL are moving into soon, well, it just stinks. I hope those incompetent referees lose their jobs over this.

Now I have got that out of the way lets talk about the worst news of last night, Drew Brees thumb injury which is likely to keep him sidelined for 6 weeks whilst he recovers from the surgery. Sean Payton was given a new 5 year deal this week which was announced prior to kick off yesterday and he walks straight into a stretch of games where his HoF QB is not available and he has to try to keep the Saints in touching distance of the NFC leaders with Teddy Bridgwater as QB. Lets make no mistake about it, Teddy is not Drew Brees and will never be, what Teddy is, is a pro bowl caliber QB who now has a huge chance to shine until Brees gets back. Lets not forget, Bridgwater is only tied to the Saints for this season so a good run of games is going to get him a nice contract offer this off season.

I am intrigued by how this is going to play out. Payton has the reputation of being the best offensive mind in football but this is a huge test without Brees, I cant wait to see what kind of gameplan he cooks up with Teddy under center for a sustained period. Personally i think Teddy can and will lead this team to at least 3 wins whilst Brees is out and given the softness of our schedule after week 8 it will leave the Saints in a great position to make a run at the post season. My only fear is that now Taysom Hill will be QB2 we are going to see a lot less of him as we can't risk losing him to injury during this time.

Keep the faith Saints fans, I believe we are still going places this season, we have a talented roster, a great head coach and the best fans in the NFL. Lets show the NFL they cant keep us down!



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