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21 Jan

I have been wracking my brain throughout today to put together a post about what happened last night and the fall-out from it but each time I tried and I read it back it just came back to the same thing over and over and that’s the blown call. Yes, it hurt and yes, it changed the result of the game which meant my beloved New Orleans Saints lost and will not be in the Super Bowl. This feeling is worse than the Minnesota ‘miracle’ last year and is going to sting for a while but I don't think this season deserves a negative post from me. So, what I have decided to do is say thank you……

To Sean Payton and the coaching staff – Thank you for coaching and creating a team that us, as fans can be proud of and sets us up for success in the near future.

To Drew Brees – Thank you for continuing to lead and inspire this team and allowing us to be a part of all of the records that you continue to set.

To Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara – Thank you for playing with passion but still keeping us entertained. All Saints fans hope this partnership can continue next year and beyond.

To the Offensive Line and Zach Line – Thank you for being the best god damn o-line and full back in the league.

To our undrafted WR’s – Thank you for the Falcons game on thanksgiving 

To Michael Thomas – Thank you for proving once again that you ‘cant guard mike’ and congratulations on the records you have set this year. Next year you will truly prove you are the best WR in the NFL.

To Taysom Hill - Thank you for providing the spark when we needed it this year - your jersey is 100% the next one I'm buying!

To the Defensive Line – Thank you for a special season where at times you were unblockable

To DeMario Davis – Thank you for coming into New Orleans and playing lights out, how you weren’t in the pro bowl I will never know. One of the best FA signings in Saints history

To Ohio State DB South – Lattimore, Apple & Bell - The present and future of the Saints secondary

Finally, a thank you to the FANS!

We all know the season didn’t end how we wanted it to and were all disappointed but once again the WhoDat nation has proven that it is unrivalled in the NFL, On a personal note, running this website has allowed me to meet and get to know hundreds of Saints fans both here in the UK and Europe and also across the pond in Louisiana and beyond. Please Saints fans, keep the passion and get ready to come back stronger next year because I tell you, we are going to be motivated beyond belief and its going to be another wild ride……..BRING IT ON!!!



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