Time To Panic??

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27 Sep

Happy Sunday Whodat Nation!

The Saints haven't started 2-0 since 2013 so some of the hand wringing that has been seen on social media since last Monday's defeat to the Raiders. Yes, Drew Brees and the offence has not looked great and yes, the defence was exposed by the Raiders, however, the Saints ALWAYS start the season slowly and given the truncated off season this should be no surprise.

What should we expect this week when we welcome the Green Bay Packers to the Superdome on Sunday Night Football?

I am fully expecting a bounce back game from Drew Brees and the offence, in home games, in prime time I do not worry about the offence. One thing we MUST do is run the ball more, the first drive against the Raiders was a perfect example of this, we ran the ball well but for some reason, after that drive Payton went back to the pass and for 2 quarters really struggled to move the ball and score points. Its a common frustration with Saints fans that Payton moves away from the run so quickly but with Kamara in the form he is there is no reason not to continue with the ground game. I am hoping for a more balanced performance this week.  We will be missing MT again this week which gives us more reason to commit to the run game.

At the time of writing this it appears as though Devante Adams is doubtful for the game, he is Aaron Rodgers favourite target and they are weaker on offence without him, Rodgers can spread the ball around the remaining receivers but none of them would scare you like Adams can. The Packers run game is good with Aaron Jones and the o-line is one of the better units in the NFL. As you will be aware the run defence is now on a 45 game streak of not allowing a 100 yard rusher and this will be tested today but that is the one area of the defence that doesn't concern me, especially as Marcus Davenport is looking likely to play this week. One thing to note is Cam Jordan hasn't been getting to the QB this season and is being outperformed by Tre Hendrickson, I fully expect that to change today and can see Cam getting a multiple sack game today.

Last week was disappointing but this will be a bounce back week and the Saints will move to 2-1 with a 31-21 victory!



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