Week 2 Review - 'Hello Darkness My Old Friend......'

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16 Sep

Let's start with Brees being out, His thumb injury on his throwing hand kept him out since the 2nd offensive drive. We still do not know how severe it is at the time of writing this but it is looking like Brees will miss significant time.

Maybe this is a look into the future post Brees and to be honest it looked like a Steven King novel with Bridgewater under centre, the entire offence went into its shell after Brees went down and the teams swag and fearless approach has vanished.

The Rams defence shut the running game down and the passing game didn't fare much better with the Rams keeping Michael Thomas quiet 89 yards 13 targets. Bridgewater looked like a deer in headlights at times with Aaron Donald wreaking havoc numerous times., 

The defence kept us in the game but like 2018 season its only so long the defence can hold them off given its 'bend don't break' nature and eventually it just couldn't stop the Rams. 

Now onto the large elephant in the room..........The saying goes lightning does not strike twice, well it certainly struck in 2 different states with referees again screwing the Saints over on a hideous incomplete pass call that was a clear fumble that was returned 87 yards for a TD. The referee's NEED to let plays like that go and then review them after the event, there was absolutely no need for that play to be called dead. Dont even get me started on the amount of holding calls missed by the referees on Cam Jordan, that call changed the state of the game and call me a conspiracy theorist all you want but the LA Rams are the new team relocated to LA and it feels like the NFL feel the need to make the Rams win at all costs so that LA will embrace football and increase the NFL revenue even if that means screwing over every team including the Saints, the NFL need them to succeed so they produce more fans for generations to come and totally forget the fans in St Louis. The fact the NFL Network are moving into the new stadium just stinks.

If it wasn’t for the fact I have invested in this team financially and emotionally I would walk away from NFL and await XFL season, we knew this part of the season would be tough but my goodness did not expect to lose this badly due to injury and poor officiating. 

Rams win 27-9 we go 1-1 stay on the west coast to play the Seahawks in week 3 and we need to be a lot better than we were tonight. 



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