Week 2 - Saints vs Rams Preview

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15 Sep

This is without doubt the game of the week in the NFL, the two best teams in the NFC last season who contested the now infamous NFC title game. I'm not going to dwell too much on the 'NOLA no call' but needless to say this one means a little bit more to us Saints fans than it usually would.

It is my belief that the Saints have the better team across the board, the only advantage the Rams have is on the defensive line and that is due to one man - Aaron Donald, he is the best player in the NFL and Peat, Warford and McCoy are going to have to play really well to keep him quiet. An argument could also be made that the Rams WR's group has an advantage over the Saints but we have Michael Thomas and he is better than any of the receivers the Rams can put on the field.


  • Alvin Kamara

The Rams couldn't handle McCaffery in week one and you know Sean Payton will have seen that and has schemed ways to get Kamara involved in all aspects of the offence. Kamara was lights out in week one against the Texans so look for him to have another big game in week 2

  • Give Brees Time

If the Saints o-line can perform like they did in week one then Brees can pick the Rams secondary apart. The key to this is keeping Donald quiet. This is a big test for rookie center Eric McCoy and he is going to need help from the two guards in shutting him out

  • Stop The Run

Against the Texans the Saints run defence was not up to the standards it had set last season, there are mitigating factors in the fact that both starting DT's were unavailable but that is helped this week with the return of David Onyemata, the Rams have a good rushing attack so the Saints will need to lock that aspect down to force the ball into Goff's hands, this leads me nicely into......

  • Pass Rush

The Saints did well pressuring Deshaun Watson last week but the Rams o-line is definitely better than the Texans. Goff has recently been paid like a top QB but from what I have seen this is an over estimation of his ability and he can crumble under pressure. We will need Cam Jordan, Tre Hendrickson and Marcus Davenport to really up the pressure on Goff as to date he hasn't shown he can perform when under heavy pressure.


As per the Vikings game last year the Saints ARE NOT going to lose this game. The Saints will be fired up and will start to put the pain of last year away with a 30-20 win on the road. 



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