Week 3 Preview @ Seattle Seahawks

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22 Sep

The Saints season took a dark turn last Sunday when Drew Brees went down with a thumb injury that we now know needed surgery which means Brees will miss 6 weeks of the season. 

There is a reason we paid Teddy Bridgewater $7 million dollars to back up Drew Brees and we are about to find out if that investment was worth it.  A lot of fans say he isn't good enough but I say this is the first real opportunity he will have had with the 1st team offence and a game plan made specifically for him, Week 17 last year can't be used a stick to beat him with as the offensive line was full of backups and players taken off the street as the starters were rested for the playoffs, last week was slightly concerning but again the game plan would have been made with Brees as the QB.  I am intrigued how this is going to play out.

Sean Payton hinted that we may employ a two QB system this week, whilst I think there maybe an element of truth in that I think its more likely that you will see Taysom Hill in a slightly more expanded role rather than 'job sharing'. This week will be fascinating as Payton is known as one of the greatest offensive minds in football so who knows what he will have cooked up.

One thing that needs to improve from last week is the performance of the offensive line, last week they were as bad as I can remember them being for the last few years, Yes, Aaron Donald is a game wrecker but there was something not right and hopefully that has been worked on in practice this week. The running game is going to need a huge improvement too as last week neither Kamara or Murray could get anything going. A balanced attack is going to be crucial this week.

Defensively, the Saints will have their hands full with one of the best QB's in the NFL against them this week. Russell Wilson is one of my favourite non Saints players and if given the time he can tear defences apart with his arm and his legs. The secondary are going to have to step up this week to give the Saints pass rush time to deliver pressure and hopefully sacks to Wilson. The Saints pass rush has been exceptional so far this season with Jordan and Hendrikson wreaking havoc from the edges and Marcus Davenport supporting them. Davenport has been getting criticism for his lack of production in terms of sacks this year but he is making plays allowing the other rushers to get home. This has to continue this week.

As i mentioned above I am intrigued as to how this week will pan out and I am very positive the Saints can go to Seattle and win. Look for the Saints to win a close one 24-20.

Stay positive Saints fans!



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