Week 3 Review - Smackdown in Seattle!

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23 Sep

Hands up, who among us expected this result?  I certainly didn't!  The Saints went into Seattle and won with relative ease, ignore the final score as the Seahawks tacked on a late TD as time expired, this was a comprehensive victory.

The Saints got scores from the offence, defence and special teams in what truly was a TEAM performance. The worry among Saints fans was that Teddy Bridgewater was the starter and the majority thought this meant bad news. Well I hope there are some big portions of humble pie being eaten today. Teddy was efficient and played mistake free football moving the offence when he needed too and making some big plays on third down to keep drives going, we all know he isn't Drew Brees but no one is. If this is what we get till Brees comes back in week 7 or 8 then I am more than happy.

I would have taken 2-2 after four games even with Brees under center so nothing has changed in my eyes, if we can beat the Cowboys on Monday then it will have been a really good start.

Going back to the game there were numerous players and plays that stood out.

  • Deonte Harris punt return for a TD
  • Eli Apple punching the ball out and causing the fumble returned by Vonn Bell for the TD
  • Ryan Ramcyzk shutting down Jadeveon Clowney
  • Teddy Bridgewater with his efficient play all round

Three players stood out this week and they are:


What else can I say that hasn't already been said about Kamara. He is the best running back in the NFL bar none, he can do things on the field that no one else can. It was a travesty that he was ranked outside of the top 10 players in the NFL this off season, that's going to change next year. When he gets going he is almost impossible to stop and he gave the Seahawks LB's fits as they tried to come up with ways to stop him. Look to see Kamara getting a lot of the ball in Brees absence and if he performs like this - WATCH OUT!


Davis is fast becoming my favourite Saints player, he took Brees place in the pre game huddle and the speech gives me goosebumps every time i watch it. He lead from the front this week with some huge hits and his tackle on Chris Carson on 4th down, was a momentum changer and gave the rest of the team the belief they could go on to win. 


Its time to give the best punter in the NFL some love. So far this season Morstead has been on fire and pinned the Seahawks back inside their own 5 yard line on two seperate occasions, field position in games like last night cannot be underestimated and Morstead played a huge part in the Saints win.

All in all that was a superbly coached and executed gameplan and has me excited again after the disappointment and downbeat nature of last weeks performance. This Saints team are still extremely dangerous and with yet another week of gameplanning around Teddy and a rowdy Superdome next Sunday I would not want to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Enjoy the win Saints fans and lets smash 'Jerrys Team' next week!



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