Week 5 Review - Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!

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07 Oct

Hands up Saints fans, who thought when Drew went down in the 1st quarter of the Rams game that after 5 weeks the Saints would sit at 4-1??  If you did then can you tell me this weeks lottery numbers?

There are so many reasons for what is happening with the Saints right now but lets go into some of the main reasons for last nights victory over the Buccaneers.


Where do you start? One of the keys to victory was always going to the be the defensive lines ability to pressure Jameis Winston and boy did they do that!  6 sacks from 5 different lineman including Marcus Davenport with his first multiple sack game for the Saints and Carl Granderson with his first NFL sack. The defensive line completely bullied the Bucs offensive line and made Winston's life hell. Davenport is really putting together an impressive stretch right now, proving why he was worth two first round draft picks.


For the second week in a row Marshon Lattimore completely shut down the oppositions number 1 wide receiver. Mike Evans was held of 0 catches on 3 targets which is almost unheard of. Lattimore has really stepped up the last two weeks and if he carries this on then this defence will be spectacular. Eli Apple and Marcus Williams both had interceptions wiped out due to penalties and PJ Williams and CJGJ were both really good in coverage and on blitzes.


We all know this offensive line is good but if they stay healthy then they will be the best unit in the NFL. Both tackles are in the top 5 in the NFL and Eric McCoy is exceeding expectations in his rookie campaign. They gave up no sacks and the penalty count was much lower than previous weeks.


He got his money in the off season and I can tell you now he is under paid. He is fast becoming the best wide receiver in the NFL, there was a worry that without Drew he wouldn't produce, last night proved that very wrong.

Finally we come to TEDDY BRIDGEWATER

I really hope there are a lot of people eating a lot of humble pie where Teddy is concerned, all he has done is come in and win three games on the bounce and improved each week, he passed for over 300 yards and 4 TD's this week and looks more and more comfortable each week. Brees is getting closer to a comeback but part of me thinks that if Teddy keeps winning you can save Brees till the week after the bye and we get him back for the final 9 weeks of the season and the playoffs. 

The Saints currently sit at 4-1 having got through the supposed tough part of the schedule. the rest of the NFL should be very scared about this team and its potential to get even better...........onto the Jags next week and hopefully 5-1!



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