Week 7 Review - Taming the Bears

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21 Oct

Another week and yet another win in the books and this is the best win yet. No Brees, no Kamara and no Jared Cook, would this be a problem?  Apparently not!  The Saints went into Chicago and laid a proper beat down on the much vaunted Bears defence, ignore the final score, this just wasn't close.

The game started slowly and the Saints led 12-10 at the half but in the 3rd quarter the Saints absolutely dominated and pulled away into a 36-10 lead until the Bears scored two TD's in garbage time to make the final 36-25.

I am going to start with the defence this week, we really are seeing something special at the moment, with 7 minutes to go in the game the Bears had a total of 83 yards! Trubisky couldn't get anything going. The defence caused two fumbles, one for AJ Klein and one for Marcus Davenport/Marcus WIlliams, both recovered by the Saints, we really are seeing a return to the 2009 opportunistic defence and that can only bode well for the future. Once again the defence gave up points and yards in garbage time but we can forgive them!

Offensively I was concerned once it was announced that Alvin Kamara was out but I shouldn't have worried, Sean Payton is an offensive genius and he put his trust in Latavius Murray to carry the load and he really did that. 119 yards and 2 TD's on the day showed that we were right to pick him up in the summer. Teddy once again looked comfortable and composed throwing TD's to Josh Hill and Taysom Hill and playing mistake free football for the 5th week in a row. One thing is for certain, he has made himself a lot of money in the last 5 weeks! A big shout out is required for the offensive line, especially the best right tackle in the NFL Ryan Ramczyk, he can add Khalil Mack to a list that includes JJ Watt for players completely blanked by Ram this season. We are going to have to pay him a lot of money in the next couple of years.

The one minor grumble is some special teams sloppiness, two missed kicks from Lutz and allowing a 102 yard kick return, however, we also blocked two punts and a Deonte Harris punt return called back for a very ropey looking holding call on Zach Line. Special Teams have been so good for the Saints this year its a shock when things go wrong.

To summarise, I am still completely stunned that we have gone 5-0 with Teddy at QB as i would have taken 6-1 with Drew playing every game! We are now in a position where we can rest Brees for one more game before allowing him to come back for the Falcons game after the bye. Before the season i said we would have a 13-3 record, the way this season is going this could be the minimum.......

We move onto week 8 against the improving Arizona Cardinals in the dome where we look to go into the bye 7-1.



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